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Utilizing Every Inch of Space in Your Home

One of the biggest reasons families decide to build a custom home is because they want to create enough storage to last them forever. But even if you’re in a home that wasn’t built to your specifications, you can still utilize every inch of space.

Start by walking around your home and checking out the areas that aren’t used. Do you have a lot of blank wall space? Are there closets that aren’t efficient storage? Do you have rooms that seem to flow awkwardly and you’re losing valuable storage space?

When you really start looking at your home with a critical eye, you can see that some changes are easier to make than you originally thought. Blank walls, for example, can be filled with open shelving, especially in a kitchen. Gallery walls can be made with framed pictures to create a focal point and draw attention away from other problem areas in the room.

Closets that are just full of junk may benefit from a storage system, even one you custom build. And closets that go completely unused? Don’t box yourself in. You can turn them into gift-wrapping stations, storage for board games, or even a reading nook for a little one once you take the door off the hinges.

As you see the unused spaces in your home, think about what your family needs. More storage? More decor? A place for your pets to sleep? When you have your problem areas and your wants and needs on the same piece of paper, your creativity will hit and you’ll be able to find a space for everything.

Because an unused closet sounds like it could be your family dog’s bedroom, doesn’t it?


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