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The Importance of Looking at Your Floor Plans Again and Again

So you’ve finally nailed down your floor plans after plenty of considerations, decisions, and ideas. You’re done, right? Send it off to with your builder and wait for your dream home to come to life.

Not exactly.

I know it’s hard to be patient during a custom home build, but now is the time to sit down with your floor plans and take an even closer look at every single angle of your plans. I
magine you’re wearing some type of magnifying glass that can only pinpoint the things you’ve never seen before. It sounds overwhelming, but it’s incredibly important because there are a ton of things you could miss in your floor plans.

Look at the flow of the rooms. Is there enough space in the hallway? Is there any unnecessary floor space between a room and a bathroom? Think about using your house every day. Will you be okay coming in through a garage and a hallway before you reach the kitchen? What about when you have the kids and groceries in your arms? Is your closet big enough? Do you have enough outlets for holiday decorations? Is the playroom too far from the rest of the house? Is your open
concept what you were looking for or does it still feel closed off?

Your custom home builder will talk to an architect to change parts of your floor plan so that it is structurally sound and works well for you and your family. But you’ll never regret taking a closer look at your floor plans. You’ll be surprised at the amount of things you might change. Your builder can help as well. Once you’ve shared your hopes and dreams for the home, they can help cut down any potential issues and tell you what will work best.


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