• Mold Prevention Tips Now that it’s springtime, hopefully we can anticipate a little more rain this season. Of course, with that extra precipitation comes more moisture. In addition to the potential for allergies from all that new flower pollen blowing in the wind outside, air quality can suffer from the growth of mold in your house, too.
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  • Keeping Clean with A Shoe Rack It might sound obvious, but one of the best ways you can ensure a clean and tidy home is to purchase a simple shoe rack for the front of your home. Even if you don’t make all the kids remove their shoes every time they enter the home, having a place to rest shoes after … Read the full post –>
  • Replacing Window Screens for Pest-free Spring One of the simplest home maintenance tasks you can do yourself is to ensure that your windows are properly sealed. Of course, professionally installed windows will help your home conserve heat during the winter months, and save energy on air conditioning costs by preventing leaks through faulty windows.
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  • Landscape for Spring Cleaning with Hugelkultur Hugelkultur is a simple technique to clear out old branches and waste from your backyard, while preparing fresh ground for new plants to blossom. If your house was built on dry, urban soil, making a hugelkultur bed is a fun way to enrich the soil naturally. You can clean up your yard while investing in … Read the full post –>
  • Renovating Your Home to Sell The quickest way to sell a home is often by renovating it. Whether you’re flipping a house or giving your old home an updated look to make it marketable, you need a home renovation expert. At Camdur, we have a combined 200 years of collective experience and have been a locally owned business for 25 … Read the full post –>
  • DIY is Sometimes Just Not Enough We all love DIY home renovation shows, but there are some home repairs that will only end up a costly mess if you try them yourself.
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  • Custom Home Building Tips A custom dream home is a huge undertaking. Just getting started can be overwhelming. Luckily, no one builds a custom home alone. When you have Camdur on your side, you’ll always have the best experience and information you need to build your perfect home. Here are some things we recommend keeping in mind as you … Read the full post –>
  • Why You Should Partner With Camdur As a West Georgia custom home builder, Camdur Building Group has been in your community for over twenty five years. Add in a combined 200 years of experience from our team members and you can call us home building experts.
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  • Indoor Air Quality in Your Home How is the air quality in your home? It’s something not many people think about but is an issue that affects the health of you and your loved ones—and the condition of your home.
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  • Decorating With Plants Decorating with plants is a great option for your home; it’s affordable and low-commitment. Here are some things to consider when thinking about bringing flora into your house.
    Conditions of each room
    Different plants have different needs, and different rooms have different conditions, so figuring out which kinds of plants would work best in which room is … Read the full post –>