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Extreme hail storms can cause havoc to your home or roof.  This fact demonstrates the necessity of CAMDUR’s superior hail storm damage repair service. Finding a quality hail storm damage repair service doesn’t have to be challenging. The hail damage repair professionals at CAMDUR Building Group are here to guide you through the proper hail damage assessment and overall repair needed for your home.

Assessment of Hail Storm Damage

Hail storms can damage roofs and siding through high winds, and the hail stones themselves can break windows and skylights. After a hail storm incident, you first need to evaluate the damage to your home by checking for these torn siding and broken windows or skylights.

By helping you to assess the damage, we can determine if your roof is still in working order; as winds can rip shingles or tiles from the roof surface. By providing a thorough inspection, we will be able to supply the proper documentation so you may make a hail storm insurance claim.

Because your roof may have become damaged by other conditions such as sun exposure and rain, we ascertain that the damage is actually from the recent hail storm. In addition to reviewing the exterior damage to the home, CAMDUR Building Group hail storm damage experts will make sure to note any damage to the interior of the house, since the storm will almost certainly allow water and other debris to enter your home.

Repairing Hail Damage

A lot of care and expertise goes into constructing the roof of a home. Homes in the Atlanta area have myriad types of roofs, many of them requiring complex installation. CAMDUR’s hailstorm damage repair experts are equipped with the knowledge to repair all kinds of roofs with hail damage, as well as:

  • Siding replacement
  • Window replacement

Any extreme weather incident will cause great strain for any homeowner. With CAMDUR Building Group, our professionals are ready to help you as soon as your home has been damaged by hail and requires repair. Call us for immediate help.

Addressing Basement Leaks and Dampness

The experts at CAMDUR can help with your basement leaking, dampness, and water damage issues.  Below-grade waterproofing solutions are easier to implement during the initial home construction phase, but many of the available options can be implemented even on an established home. CAMDUR offers waterproofing services and can help with structures built at or below ground level.  Typical causes are runoff, condensation, and groundwater swelling. Solutions will depend upon the cause of the problem, but can range from the identification and installation of an appropriately sized dehumidifier system to installing a perimeter drain system around your home.  If you notice dampness or a musty odor when you enter your basement, your home may be experiencing initial symptoms of leaking. CAMDUR recommends that you make it a priority to combat the dampness issue before more serious damage occurs to your home.


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