One of the strengths behind CAMDUR Building Group is our association with Alternative Environments, Inc. (AELMI). AELMI, which was founded by Jeff Camp and Matt DuCharme and is headed by Matt DuCharme, offers residential and commercial landscaping design, pest control services and more. They provide CAMDUR with invaluable expertise in these areas during renovations and new construction. You can browse their services below, or visit the AELMI website here.


Pest Control Services

Pest ControlCAMDUR Building Group can help you address any issues with pests intruding your property. We have experienced pest control professionals available to provide a timely inspection of your home if you think it is attracting unwanted visitors.

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Fertilization and Weed Control

Fertilization and Weed ControlCAMDUR Building Group can help keep your lawn healthy and beautiful all season long. We offer a wide range of fertilization and weed control services. Contact our professionals today to begin treatment of your lawn year-round.  

Weed and Fertilization Programs


Landscape Design

Landscape DesignOur landscape design & maintenance division has been servicing both large scale commercial clients and residential homes for 25 years. There are few projects that have greater direct impact on the value of a property than dramatically changing its curb appeal.

Landscape Design Services


Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial LandscapingCAMDUR Building Group has a team of experts who know how to help your business keep complex landscapes beautiful and healthy all year long. We have many services available to address any of your property’s landscaping needs.

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