Camdur Building GroupOur sole ambition was once to build reasonably priced, quality homes that utilize “green friendly” concepts. But now we have evolved into much more over time. At CAMDUR, our Ambassadors of First Impression have a single purpose – serve our customers and community faithfully.

These goals are achieved each day while maintaining a reputation of excellence and as a leader in our industry. We are also a proud member of many community organizations including the Westside Home Builders Association.

Our Corporate Mission Statement:

The mission of CAMDUR BUILDING GROUP, with our talented highly motivated team members, is to build, remodel and renovate green-friendly quality homes and commercial structures in which our customers and their communities will take great pride.

We have had this vision for over 25 years and fully believe the success of our multiple companies is predicated upon this philosophy. The CAMDUR/AELMI brand is the result of combining the expertise of several separate companies owned by Jeff Camp and Matt DuCharme.

These companies provide a multitude of services to their customers. Once Jeff and Matt realized that empowering their team members by putting them in charge of their own destinies, both companies experienced tremendous growth.