Jeff Camp, Founder & President
CAMDUR Building Group, Inc.

Jeff CampJeff Camp is President of CAMDUR Building Group, Inc., Jeff is responsible for day-to-day operations, marketing strategies and financial planning. Jeff has managed and overseen rehabilitation of 80+ foreclosed home for the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Program.

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Matt DuCharme, Founder & CEO
Alternative Environments Landscape Management, Inc.

mattMatt DuCharme is the co-founder and President of Alternative Environments Landscape Manangement, Inc. Matt is also the Director of the Landscape Design and Installation Division. Matt is responsible for designing, scheduling, and installing all landscape design projects.

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Tammy Messer, Office Administration
CAMDUR Building Group, Inc.

Tammy is responsible for the daily operation of CAMDUR Building Group. Her responsibilities include accounting functions, IT issues, coordination and development of plans and shop drawings, distribution of proposals, scheduling, subcontractor insurance documentation and yearly audits.

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