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The EarthCraft House Renovation Program

Many homeowners are faced with the need to improve or expand their existing home. The EarthCraft House Renovation program assists homeowners and contractors in identifying and resolving problem areas in current structures, such as:

  • uncomfortable rooms
  • high energy bills
  • poor indoor air quality
  • combustion safety concerns

Build or Renovate Your Home to EarthCraft Standards

EarthCraft has served the southeastern United States by organizing builders and homeowners to promote green building in a manner complementary to our beautiful climate. CAMDUR Building Group, Inc. is a certified contractor for EarthCraft House. Our EarthCraft House Renovation program will allow you reduce your carbon footprint, while improving the looks and features of your home.

EarthCraft Houses must undergo a number of sustainability measures to earn the certification. These include:

  • Site planning
  • Resource efficient design
  • Air quality tests
  • Resource conservation planning
  • Homebuyer education

Overall, seeing that your home is an EarthCraft Home will give you greater satisfaction; knowing that you are helping the environment by building or renovating with this unique, credentialed program. Contact the professionals at CAMDUR Building Group today to discuss building or transforming your residence into an EarthCraft home, or for more information on our green services.

Reducing Your Home’s Environmental Footprint

We also offer homeowners guidance on reducing their home’s environmental footprint; that is, the natural resources and energy used for daily living. Our EarthCraft renovations address the existing home as well as additions and expansions. In fact, several projects have included adding substantial square footage to the existing home — while reducing energy bills and improving indoor air quality.

The Benefits of Green Home Building and Renovation

Green home building services from CAMDUR provide savings benefits that help can mitigate project costs. If you feel you spend too much money each month on electricity, water and gas bills, talk to us about making your next home an EarthCraft home. If you are renovating, we can help reduce your water and fuel consumption with methods such as:

  • Running duct blaster and blower door tests
  • Replacing old appliances with energy efficient ones
  • Installing solar water heaters
  • Building using energy-efficient materials

CAMDUR’s green home building services can create a greener, more comfortable home for your family, while saving you money for years to come. Contact our team of professionals today to learn about how you can transform your home into an EarthCraft home.


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