Saving for Home Upgrades

Saving for Home UpgradesOne of the best things about owning your own home, especially if it was already a custom build, is that you can constantly upgrade and update it to fit your family’s needs and styles. But home upgrades aren’t always cheap and they require planning, especially with your finances.

One thing you can do to eliminate any stress as you plan for a home upgrade is to figure out what room you’re working on and how much it will cost. No one wants to head blindly into a project and kitchens, bathrooms, and finishing an attic or a basement are often your most expensive home renovations.

So how do you start saving? Simple — you make a visual piggy bank.

Sketch out the ideas you have for your home upgrade. If you want to turn your dull bedroom into a haven, figure out what that means. Built-in bookshelves? Custom cabinets? New trim? Tearing down a wall to build a sitting area? Draw your plans or write them down and put them in a shadowbox frame. Now you have a visual of what you want, but you also have a frame that can be filled. Don’t let it get covered in dust; whenever you have some spare change or cash in your pocket, drop it in the frame. As you see it fill, your dreams will be closer to realization and you can let yourself get even more excited.

Saving also means looking at items you can cut. Talk to your builder about your ideas and the things that are important to you. Do you want real hardwood floors or will laminate do? Is stainless steel the only type of appliance you want or does it not matter? When you really start breaking down your project, you’ll be surprised at the parts of it that are important to you and which parts don’t phase you either way.