• How to Survive the Holidays during a Renovation No matter which part of your house you’re renovating, we know how tough it can be to get through the holidays while your home is a glorified construction zone. The stress of holiday planning coupled with the stress of a home renovation certainly doesn’t help, and if you’re hosting the festivities, you may find yourself … Read the full post –>
  • ‘Tis the Season to Keep Your Home Hazard Free There are few things as lovely as a glowing Christmas tree casting soft light around your living room, is there? It’s an image that makes us think of childhood, of the wonder of Christmas, and the magic of the season.
    But it can also be a huge fire hazard. (Here comes Debbie Downer!)
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  • Customizing Your Landscape So you’ve created your custom home plans, have had your dream home built, and are ready to be done with renovations and building, right? Except now you’re noticing the grass in your yard, or lack thereof, and are far too overwhelmed to deal with it.
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  • We Know Architects – Let us Help You With Your Entire Build As Atlanta’s luxury custom home builder, our team at Camdur Building Group has gained a lot of experience and created an incredible team full of knowledge and insight. But, unlike many home construction companies, we can admit that we don’t know everything. And because we’re so committed to giving you the home of your dreams, … Read the full post –>
  • Renovation is More Than New Cabinets When most people think of a home renovation, they focus on things like new bathroom appliances, new kitchen cabinets, and even putting an extension on to a house. But a renovation is often more than just new countertops. Some renovations can help not only your home, but your landscaping as well.
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  • Dealing With a Renovation When You Have Children As an Atlanta custom home builder and renovator, our team at Camdur Building Group will do everything possible to make the changes to your home as seamless as possible. Because of our experience, we can provide guidance during your renovation and make sure you’re exploring all possible options. But no matter how much we do … Read the full post –>
  • Finding Your Perfect Oven and Other Kitchen Appliances Whether you’re building a home from the ground up or simply renovating your kitchen, one of the biggest items on your to-do list is finding the perfect appliances for the heart of your home. But where do you start? And how can you find the answer without spending three hours reading Amazon reviews? Here are … Read the full post –>
  • Staying on Budget with a Custom Home Build You’re building a custom home because you want something tailored for you and your family, right? You want to call the shots on bathroom fixtures, floors, and windows without doing your own renovations. But that doesn’t mean you have a limitless budget.
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  • Choosing a Custom Home Plan Deciding to build a custom home may be incredibly exciting, but it can also become overwhelming. No matter how much you dreamed of this moment, when it comes time to choose a custom home plan, you might be nervous, anxious, or even confused with all of the choices.
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  • Flood Damage Doesn’t Have to Last Forever With all of the rain we’re experiencing lately, it seems fun to joke about needing a canoe to get your kids to the bus stop or a raft to get the mail, but the water can cause serious damage to a home. You don’t have to experience feet of water to find damage – the … Read the full post –>