• Choosing Kitchen Countertops They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, which is probably why it’s one of the more popular rooms in a home to remodel. There are so many things to consider when renovating a kitchen, but one that gets chosen more for aesthetics than function is your kitchen countertops. And when you think … Read the full post –>
  • When to Call a Professional Everyone’s a sucker for a home renovation show, but let’s be honest – sometimes those hosts make a renovation and huge DIY project look a little too easy.
    There’s no greater thrill than accomplishing something on your own, especially if you’re self-taught, but some projects are meant to be tackled by professionals. In your home, you … Read the full post –>
  • A Home Improvement Valentine’s Day Does anyone ever know what to give someone for Valentine’s Day? Other than flowers, chocolate, and champagne, what else is there?
    A home improvement project of course!
    Sounds scary, I know. But is there anything sweeter than a project for your home? House Logic has come up with some great gift ideas, all in the name of … Read the full post –>
  • From Freezing to Bursting While Atlanta isn’t exactly known for its freezing temps, the city has been home to some fairly harsh winter weather. We may not have snow banks several feet tall, but freezing temperatures can do more damage than you think, especially to your home.
    Homes and business alike have experienced frozen water pipes and valves which can … Read the full post –>
  • Restoring Older Homes – Is Everything Fixable? Big, beautiful homes are common in Georgia, especially the older ones located around city squares. Many of them are restored to their former glory, but there are also a lot of homes that look like they could use a little TLC.
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  • Custom Build for Your Business Owning a business is a dream come true for many entrepreneurs and it’s definitely not for the weak of heart. With so many things to consider in a business, it can be incredibly overwhelming to find a commercial property as well. And once you do find one, you may realize that while the location and … Read the full post –>
  • 2016: The Year of Your Home New Year’s resolutions rarely stick past Valentine’s Day, but there is one resolution you should focus on in 2016 – maintaining your home.
    Owning a home is a huge responsibility, and it can be difficult to keep up with everything it needs. Lowe’s has a great home maintenance checklist that can take you through the entire … Read the full post –>
  • When Water Takes Over With the holidays over, we’re used to sweeping up Christmas tree needles and finding crumpled wrapping paper under the couch, but many Georgia residents are cleaning up a different kind of mess – flood damage.
    December was the second wettest December on record in Atlanta this past year with 12.21” of rain in one month. The … Read the full post –>
  • Camdur Building Group is Grateful for You! When you come to us at Camdur Building Group for your custom home build or home renovation, we hope you know how much it means to us. Your home is your haven, especially around the holidays, and we are so grateful that you trust it to us. We know that this is where you spend … Read the full post –>
  • Stick to Your Plan for the Most Efficient Custom Home Build Building a custom home is one of the greatest adventures you’ll ever go on and it is a legacy you will leave behind for your family. It’s a lot of hard work and a huge process, but when it’s done, you’ll have a feeling like no other as you sit inside of your custom home … Read the full post –>