• How To Keep the Pipes In Your Home From Freezing This Winter Winter brings with it a number of concerns and keeping your pipes from freezing is definitely one of them. Water expands when it freezes, which causes severe damage to your plumbing and leaves you baring the cost. Of course, a few simple tips will help to ensure that you do not have to worry about … Read the full post –>
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Green Home Go green! This phrase has become increasingly popular since many have begun to experience the benefits of conserving the environment while saving money. You can go green in many different ways, but have you considered building a green home?
    According to the book Good Green Homes by Jennifer Roberts, a green home is any home that … Read the full post –>
  • The Seriousness of Environmental Hazards: Toxic Mold Toxic mold has not only gained public attention as a health hazard, it has also led to costly litigation in recent years. Before 1990, mold-related litigation was rare, but lawsuits have risen sharply since then. By 2002, as reported by the New York Times, over 5,000 lawsuits were being litigated across the country. Regions with … Read the full post –>
  • Comparing Home Inspection Certifications A home is the biggest investment most people will make. But before prospective homebuyers make a commitment, they need to know what problems may be lurking in their prospective future home. This is where the professional help of a knowledgeable home inspector becomes useful.
    Why Qualified Home Inspectors Matter
    It is has been estimated there around … Read the full post –>
  • How to Treat Home Inspection as a Participation Sport Choosing a competent, professional and qualified home inspector is much more than simply looking through your yellow pages. You need to play an active role in finding the perfect company for your individual needs. You can treat home inspection as a participation sport in a number of ways as we have some easy recommendations that … Read the full post –>
  • CAMDUR Featured In Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine Camdur Building Group, Inc. was recently featured in an article for Atlanta Home Improvement magazine. The article, titled “Go Green, Save Green,” focuses on newly built homes featuring environmentally friendly materials, appliances, and much more. Readers can also learn about 6 easy ways for evolving your home into a green machine.
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  • Appraising Green Homes Creating green homes or reducing your carbon footprint is certainly not new in the building industry, but going green has stood the test of time and is in fact now becoming a major benefit for both buyers and sellers. In addition, the topic is becoming so hot that in a recent article in the LA … Read the full post –>
  • Atlanta Foreclosure News Uncle Sam has become the top buyer of Atlanta’s foreclosed homes.
    During the last six months, federal agencies were the largest purchasers of metro Atlanta foreclosures, accounting for 66 percent of 5,434 foreclosed home purchases in that time frame, according to new home sales data for fourth-quarter 2008 and first-quarter 2009 compiled by Marietta real estate … Read the full post –>