• Atlanta’s Soaring Home Sales The housing crisis of 2007-2008 devastated the Atlanta metro area. New home construction came to a virtual stop, while existing homeowners saw the value of their properties depreciate for the first time in decades. In 2015, however, the outlook for Atlanta is much stronger.
    Analysts predict new home sales will increase more than 10 percent over last year, with … Read the full post –>
  • Great Atlanta Communities to Build Your Custom Home After seven very lean years, the real estate market in Atlanta is finally looking up. Now is a great time to think about building that home in the Atlanta metro region. Atlanta is poised to become the sixth largest metro area in the US within the next two decades, which means that a custom home … Read the full post –>
  • Top Elementary Schools In Atlanta If you are going to be constructing a new home in the Atlanta area, it would be smart to do a little bit of research regarding the elementary schools in the area. Building your home in a good school district will give your children a better chance of doing well academically, plus it will help the resale value of … Read the full post –>
  • Questions to Ask Before Building a Custom Home Building a new home is a major commitment: you will spend time researching, purchasing, or building the house, and then years and months moving into the house and turning it into a home. Time, money, and a sense of security are at stake, and once you’ve made your decision you have a house to maintain. … Read the full post –>
  • Common Additions To Consider When Building A Custom Home The new home construction process is your opportunity to completely design the home of your dreams, including those little details and unique spaces that make life more functional and enjoyable. However, it’s easy to overlook the details when in the process of planning a custom home – and it’s more costly to add them on … Read the full post –>
  • Why Earthcraft Certification Is Important
    As consumers become increasingly aware of green alternatives to traditional living, industries have responded with the products they desire. Earthcraft Home Builders are an important part of the trend toward sustainable living. We are certified construction professionals who build with rapidly renewable and energy efficient elements specifically suited to the climate in which they are … Read the full post –>
  • Why Hardiplank Siding Is A Standard Feature On All Our House Builds
    There are many types of siding to consider when planning a new home build. Natural wood looks great, but requires significant maintenance to keep it looking great. The use of Hardiplank combines the look of real wood, without any of the maintenance issues.
    What is Hardiplank?
    Made from a compound of sand, cement and cellulose fiber that … Read the full post –>
  • Custom Home Design Trends For 2015 Designing a custom home can be a wonderful experience, but it also requires numerous decisions on the part of the homeowner – from minute choices to significant ones. When considering options for your new house, you may want to know what’s on trend for this year. From the bathroom to the yard, builders are stepping … Read the full post –>
  • The Latest Trends in Home Construction and Renovation When building or renovating your home, it is important to understand the work involved, selection of materials, and the process. Renovation is a huge undertaking and should reflect who you are, making the space your own.
    Although knowing the latest trends will help you decide the style and feel of your investment, you want to make … Read the full post –>
  • Things to Consider When Building a Custom Home When building a custom home that meets your lifestyle, there are many things to consider. These can include major decisions like the floor plan and architectural details to the design elements such as finishes and individual touches that show case your individual style. The most important part of the entire process is working with an … Read the full post –>