Replacing Window Screens for Pest-free Spring

Replacing Window Screens for Pest-free SpringOne of the simplest home maintenance tasks you can do yourself is to ensure that your windows are properly sealed. Of course, professionally installed windows will help your home conserve heat during the winter months, and save energy on air conditioning costs by preventing leaks through faulty windows.

For the hot spring and summer seasons, you’ll want to make sure your window screens are in good condition to enjoy the fresh air in evenings without inviting in mosquitos and other pests. Often, one place where homes have gaps in windows is the screen door at the front or on the porch, since these are opened and closed most frequently. If you inspect the screen around the edges and notice any place where its been stretched out of its track or simply broken, you can replace it yourself with a little time and a few inexpensive tools.

Just head to your local home goods store to find a roll of mesh, as well as the window part called a spline, and a spline roller. You can even bring the window screen with you to ensure you get the right size parts. These should cost just a few dollars each.

Back home, cut the new screen material, making sure to align the squares of the mesh with the angles of the frame. Cut your new screen wide enough reach the outer dimension of the frame, and excise a square from each corner to avoid ripples. Use the spline tool to press the mesh into the gap, working from the corner and along the side. Then insert the spline above the screen mesh, using the other side of the rolling tool. Repeat these steps for each side of the window. You can use a screwdriver to squeeze the spline into the corners, and then cut the rest of the spline cord away. A retractable blade knife can be used to trim the edges of window mesh.

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