Mold Prevention Tips

Mold Prevention TipsNow that it’s springtime, hopefully we can anticipate a little more rain this season. Of course, with that extra precipitation comes more moisture. In addition to the potential for allergies from all that new flower pollen blowing in the wind outside, air quality can suffer from the growth of mold in your house, too.

If you are living in a new home, or one without much existing mold damage, you probably enjoy clean breathing conditions. There are a few things you can do to keep your home mold-free and enjoy clean air and clean surfaces.

If your home has a basement, consider running an inexpensive dehumidifier during the wetter spring and summer months. Most of these appliances will include a humidity meter so you can keep tabs on conditions. It’s ideal to maintain an environment well below 70 percent humidity.

Waterproof building materials are the best place to start for mold-free living, including sealant paints, treated wood, and paperless drywall. Properly ventilated bathrooms and kitchens allow steam to escape without creating an overly humid climate inside. If you find mold in the corners of your showers or bathrooms, consider asking for remodel advice from the professional builders at CAMDUR.

Once a house gets overtaken by mold, there is only so much the homeowner can do. If you think there is mold within the wooden walls of your house, you can count on West GA Builder CAMDUR to undertake the repair and renovation of damaged materials so that your family can breathe clear again.