Keeping Clean with A Shoe Rack

Keeping Clean with A Shoe RackIt might sound obvious, but one of the best ways you can ensure a clean and tidy home is to purchase a simple shoe rack for the front of your home. Even if you don’t make all the kids remove their shoes every time they enter the home, having a place to rest shoes after an especially muddy run or hike can help you to keep dirt, earthy clumps, and grass residues from entering your home in the first place.

From a basic milk crate stowed on a covered porch, to an antique wooden rack found at your favorite vintage shop, you can choose a style that matches your aesthetic. Be sure to find one with enough spaces for your family’s sandals, outdoor shoes, and hiking boots.

Your carpets will stay cleaner longer, wood floors can keep their shine, and you won’t have to get the vacuum out quite as often.

If you are seeking to organize your home in bolder ways than this one step, consider calling experienced West Georgia Builder CAMDUR to see how we can help you make home renovations or interior remodels that will make clean living even easier.

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