How to Design a Porch You Love

How to Design a Porch You LoveCharacter in a home is important, especially if you’re in your dream home. But often, the standard building plans don’t do enough to fill a house with charm. A great porch, however, can really set the tone for your house and give you the look and style you love.

Unsure of where to begin? Think about how you’ll use your front porch. Is it a spot to sit while the kids play in the yard? Do you just want enough space to fit a potted plant and a rug? Do you want to fill it with rocking chairs, hanging baskets, and outdoor furniture?

Your porch is the first look at your home. For anybody coming to visit you, it’s the first time they get to know your decorating personality and what you value in your home. So if you’re looking to build a great porch that makes you, and others, fall in love with your home, here are a few tips.

  1. Find a Plan with the Closest Match to the Porch You Want

While things can be customized, especially in custom home builds, it’s easier if you find a house plan that has a porch similar to what you’re looking for. If you want a big, wrap-around porch, it doesn’t make sense to choose a home that has an alley entryway with a garage close by.

  1. Consider Something Unique Like Painting the Ceiling of the Porch

Just because it’s a porch doesn’t mean it has to be traditional. You could paint each floorboard on the porch a different shade, like white and gray, or even paint the ceiling a bright, fun color that complements your home.

  1. Design it for Comfort

If you’re going to be sitting on your porch often, think about what makes it comfortable for you. A ceiling fan could top the list, especially here in Georgia. Install curtain rods if you want breezy porch curtains to keep the sun out and make sure there’s plenty of room for the porch furniture you want.

  1. Buy Neutral Decorating Items

A porch is a great spot to decorate for the holidays, but to save you some money, use big, neutral items that you can then jazz up for each holiday. Like bronze pots can hold both pumpkins and Christmas lights.

  1. Create Storage

Especially if you have kids. Storage boxes on your porch can hold all of their small outdoor toys, like sidewalk chalk and bubbles. You can also build a cubby to hold wet umbrellas or play shoes.

As summer winds down, you might start spending a little more time outside on your front porch — make sure it’s one you love. Contact Camdur Building Group today
to talk about how you can have the front porch of your dreams.