Decorating With Plants

Decorating With PlantsDecorating with plants is a great option for your home; it’s affordable and low-commitment. Here are some things to consider when thinking about bringing flora into your house.

Conditions of each room

Different plants have different needs, and different rooms have different conditions, so figuring out which kinds of plants would work best in which room is like a fun logic puzzle. The recurrent humidity of a bathroom could make a great environment for moisture-loving plants like ferns and air plants, while a dry, sunny windowsill might be the perfect home for desert-native succulents.

The look you want

One of the fun things about plants is the wide variety you have to choose from. Ferns offer a lush, rich texture, whereas cacti have a more stark, spiny look. Many plants give the classic green that so many people love, while others, like croton or purple passion plant, come in fun colors. A planter filled with small succulents gives a variety of interesting looks and textures, while a tall sansevieria or majesty palm makes a simple, bold statement.


Some plants are toxic to pets, like Chinese evergreen and peace lily. If you have pets, do some research before purchasing a plant to make sure it won’t be harmful to your pet if ingested.


A NASA study showed results that some plants are good not just for aesthetic but also our health. Plants like Boston fern, aloe vera, and English ivy have been shown to purify the air by removing toxins.

Outside Options

Your backyard should be your oasis, but if you don’t have any privacy, it can feel less like paradise and more like an open area for your neighbors to look into. Camdur Building Group provides not only custom home builds for Atlanta, but also offers up landscape design and fertilization services. With this in mind, you can add privacy to your backyard by simply designing a new outdoor area for your home. There are actually a lot of different ways to add privacy to your backyard, including both natural items and fun, aesthetically pleasing fences and barriers.

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