New Construction

framing of a new home against the skyWhen looking to build a new home, always keep in mind the required planning and research involved. CAMDUR Building Group is here to make this process simple and easy. Our professionals are always available to assist you with the design of a new project or existing home.
Custom Home Building Services


Renovation & Remodeling

home with a porch addition in progressOur company is Earthcraft certified as well as a licensed and insured Residential/Light Commercial Contractor. We take into consideration the environmental and economic aspects when renovating or remodeling the home. Take a peek at our gallery to see our work.
Home Renovation and Remodeling Services


Kitchen Remodeling

a remodeled kitchenDesigning a kitchen that meets all of your needs and overall lifestyle is essential. In addition, remodeling your kitchen adds value to the home. Let the design experts at CAMDUR Building Group help you in the design and development of your dream kitchen today.
Kitchen Remodeling Services


Remediation Services

example of water damage to floor and wallTaking care of water damage & mold in the home is important. Recent storms & icy conditions have caused many homes & business to suffer from burst water lines. Ridding your home or business of mold & mildew will help reduce any risks to your health.
Home Remediation Services


Environmental Hazards Control

Environmental Hazards ControlThere are many environmental hazards that can cause severe damage to your home. These hazards include: mold, lead and termites. The professionals at CAMDUR Building Group can help by providing and evaluation for your home.
Environmental Hazards Services


Assessment Services

Home AssessmentCAMDUR Building Group is certified in several areas when looking to assess your home. From EarthCraft construction to mold remediation, the professionals at CAMDUR can help by conducting this assessment on your home to provide you with peace of mind before making any decisions.
Home Assessment Services


Other Home and Property Services

Home and Property ServicesPartnering with Alternative Environments, CAMDUR Building Group offers other home and property services, including pest control, fertilization and weed control, landscape design and commercial landscape maintenance.
Other Home and Property Services