Avoid Trendy Home Design Ideas

Avoid Trendy Home Design IdeasWhen you decide to build a custom home, it’s easy to get caught up in that one word — custom. But no matter what you’re dreaming of, not every house idea works in the long run and, sometimes, those choices you make come to haunt you later. Think of all the flooring that had to be replaced when the shag carpet fad ended. Remember all of the big, wicker furniture with flower patterns everyone had in their home? Or all of the black appliances people bought in an effort to make a kitchen look sleek.

Sure, some things you decide to do seem like a great, neutral idea, so it’s hard to keep in mind why you shouldn’t do them. Everyone repaints and refloors their home at some point, but big, trendy design ideas? They have no business in your home. (Unless you want to redo everything at the end of the year when that trend is gone.)

When you’re building your home, think of function first, then aesthetic. When you realize that the room you’re turning into a playroom for your kids needs to be a safe space, all of those quirky design trends, like big, heavy bookcases, seem like an accident waiting to happen. You can still have the custom home of your dreams, but really focus on your aesthetic rather than a trend. Do you like light and airy rooms? Do you prefer rich, dark woods? Do you like a minimalist look? These questions can keep you focused on your home without making some huge mistake in design that costs a lot of money and time later on down the road.

Or you could design your entire house neutrally and change your mind a year later. It happens. (Especially if you’re watching a lot of HGTV.)

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