5 DIY Projects for Fall

Spring may be a time for rejuvenation, but fall is when everybody is ready to hunker down and get cozy in their homes. It’s like hibernating for humans and with a few DIY projects, you can get 5 DIY Projects for Fallyour home ready for fall and all the fun things it has to offer.

  1. Create Leaf Art

Your kids will love helping you search for leaves to create the perfect leaf art to spruce up the inside of your home. There are a few different tutorials out there, but an easy way is to choose leaves in your yard and adhere them to cardstock with ModPodge or some other sealant. These preserved leaves will look great in a frame or propped on your mantle for a pop of autumn.

  1. Make a Wreath for the Front Door

A cozy wreath always adds a level of comfort and love to your front door, plus they are incredibly fun to DIY. Venture on to Pinterest or any craft website with great ideas, tricks, and tips to create the perfect fall wreath.

  1. Create a Compost Pit for Leaves

All of those fall leaves seem like a hassle until you realize you can create your own compost pile and turn those leaves into nutrient-rich, organic gardening tools. Whether you build a pit for your leaves or simply create a pile, it’s a fun project that can be extremely beneficial in the long run.

  1. Create a Fire Pit

Fire pits and fall just go together, don’t they? Buying your own fire pit is always an easy idea, but there are great ideas for DIY fire pits that will add a heavy dose of personality to your lawn and make those fall nights extra special. Bonus? They don’t take a lot of work and can be pretty inexpensive to put together.

  1. Jazz Up Your Front Porch

You’ve been waiting all year to pull out those pumpkins and now’s the time. But hey, you can jazz up your porch with some big bronze pots, a new door color, and even updated window boxes and porch furniture. It’s been too hot to truly enjoy your front porch, but you can give it new life for the fall.

DIY projects aren’t always easy, but there are a few that are worth taking care of to get your house in shape for the fall. If you need projects done around the house that require a little more extensive work, reach out to Camdur Building Group for any and all repair needs.